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7 Social Media Marketing Strategies For 2022

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

A social media marketing strategy is a guide that dictates your plans to achieve your business goals. Social media marketing enables companies to interactively engage with their customers, reach new clients, promote their brand or products.

If you manage to tap into social media’s vast network and content for marketing, you might supersede your goals. Prior preparations breed good performance. With 2022 knocking at our door, the one thing that can separate success from failure is a clearly defined plan. For those who think it’s about time to fine-tune their social media marketing strategy for 2022, then you have stumbled onto the right page.

Set realistic and achievable goals on your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The first step is to set goals that make sense to your business. A sure step to failure is setting unattainable goals, but that does not mean you can’t set high standard goals. It only means you can gradually work up to reaching high levels.


Start by tackling smaller objectives and scale your way to larger goals. This process will allow you to do it in a way that is both affordable and reasonable.


Here are some sample goals that most businesses can adopt:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow your brand’s audience
  • Enhance community engagement
  • Drive Traffic to your site

A combination of these elements is an excellent way of establishing your marketing strategy. Try and keep it simple; complexity can bring about complications.

Conduct research on your target audience

The game of probability and assumptions does not farewell in the world of business. The social media marketing strategy you employ can be heavily influenced to benefit you only if you understand your audience. However, only 55% of marketers capitalize on social data to understand their audience.

Taking advantage of different Social Media Marketing platforms

Social media is rapidly changing and growing, meaning we have to keep up with the latest trends to update the marketing strategy. Taking advantage of trending social media platforms can significantly benefit you.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

It’s important to note that different platforms attract different audiences. Conducting research will help you target the right audience and use the correct social media platform to engage with your target audience. Below are statistics on some of the trending social media platforms.


Facebook and YouTube are prime platforms for many companies to post ads primarily because of their high-earning user base. Facebook has amassed a large number of users, both individuals, and corporations. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook ad revenue and usage have been skyrocketing.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022


YouTube is among the top social media platforms used by both millennials and Gen Z. It’s a streaming site for bold and captivating content that drips off personality. Suppose you have used YouTube before; you may have noticed that many ads are run through uploaded videos. Youtube presents an excellent opportunity for marketing that reaches a vast majority of people.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites that allow users to post creative and informative content. Big corporations have also joined Instagram like Marvel and DC, and they use the Instagram channel as one of the means to promote their movies. Marketing does not only apply to big companies only; Individuals can also use Instagram as a marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022


LinkedIn has a well-educated user base meaning it creates a space for in-depth, industry-specific content which might be more niche-focused than what you may see on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

You can consider more alternatives since social media is a broad market with more yet to be explored. However, it would be best not to spread yourself too thin, focus on platforms containing your core audience.

Establish your metrics and KPIs

Your social media marketing strategy needs to be data-driven, no matter your brand. Dig into content that matches directly with your set goals. Numbers are what matters when it comes to social media marketing. Using tools like sprouts analytic dashboards, you can see your clients’ demographic.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

Create engaging social content

It’s no surprise that the success of social media marketing depends on your content. It would help if you had a clearly defined idea of what to post by now. Here are some guidelines that can help polish your overall marketing content.

  • Choose appealing themes
  • Post-time-sensitive content
  • Keep it short and simple 
  • Target content specific to your audience 

The world is heading to a new era where the internet is a powerful tool to make or break a business. Social media marketing can give you an edge over other competitors if used in the right way.



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