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Reasons Why Your Elementor Pop-up Not Working in 2022

Elementor Popup Not Working

This artile will show you how to fix Elementor Popups( Elementor Popup Not Working )

What is an elementor popup?

Elementor Popup is a Popup created by the Elementor plugin, a page builder tool that substitutes the standard WordPress editor. It has a live frontend editor that allows you to construct sophisticated designs visually and optimize your website in real-time without switching to the editing and previewing mode. 

Further Elementor, page builder allows you to create a high-quality design without coding or the use of CSS, and you need not be a developer to use it. Again, its user interface is highly user-friendly, so getting the swing on it only needs some minutes. 

One of the many advantages of Elementor is that it’s continuously updated. In turn, that makes the whole page builder optimized and quick. For instance, it instantly helps you drag and drop widgets without lagging. However, the WordPress editor could do the same.

Elementor Popup Not Working

So what makes Elementor unique?

Elementor provides a paid version of their website builder, Elementor Pro, which contains more functions and more than six add-ons. And it can be configured in 57 different languages. However, what makes it outstanding is its popup functionality.  Elementor Pop-up advertisements, often known as popups, are internet advertising that appears when you visit a website. Popups are graphical user interface (GUI) show zone, generally, a tiny window, which emerges in the front of the visual interface unexpectedly (“pops up”). The Elementor popup window is usually created using JavaScript, which employs cross-site scripting (XSS), and occasionally by separate payloads that use Adobe Flash. However, when you have the elementor plugin, you won’t have to code or do XSS.  Still, the Elementor popup functions like any other popup. It’s a variant on the popup window that launches a new navigation bar beneath the active page. Also, Elementor Pop-unders don’t instantly disrupt the user; instead, they emerge after the user exits the active window. This makes it hard to fathom which website generated them.
Elementor Popup Not Working

Reasons Why Your Elementor popup Not Working?

There are scenarios where you use the Elementor plugin to create a popup, but individuals using browsers where they are supposed to pop up fail to see it. It would help if you check the conditions, triggers, and advanced rules properly configured in such incidents. 

  1. Conditions ascertain the place the elementor Popup will appear on specific pages. Is it clear from your circumstances that the Popup will appear on the pages of your preference?
  2. Triggers are activities taken by the user that prompt a popup to appear. So has the user done everything required to bring up the Popup? (For example, clicking anything, scrolling)
  3. Advanced Rules provide a variety of different scenarios that might result in a popup. Have you come up with a collection of Advanced Rules? For instance, you may have created an advanced rule to display popup-specific searches through a search engine. Did it happen so?
  4. On cache pages, the Advanced Rules > Mute for Signed-in Users feature may not operate properly.

Understand that you could have several criteria, triggers, and advanced rules in place that must all be met before a popup appears. Remember, a popup will not appear if only part of the requirements is satisfied, but not all.Ele

Elementor Popup Not Working

Consider the following scenario.- Elementor Pop Up Not Working

A high-priced corporate mentor subscription service is among the services provided on a site. Three, high thorough free guides have been prepared for everyone who gains access as a trial subscriber to demonstrate the advantages of signing up. Whenever an individual attempts to exit the membership webpage without joining, they will receive a popup. If the user fills out the forms inside the Popup, they will be provided with one of three instructions. As such, triple popups will be produced. However, each will have different guidance depending on where the visitor came from before getting on this site.

1. Popup – Provides a strategy to gaining new clients.

Condition – Only displayed on the subscription landing page.
Trigger: – only appears if the user happens to leave the page.
Advanced Rule: – Only presented to non-logged-in users who have arrived through an internal page about acquiring new customers.

2. Popup – Provides a guide on efficient management of client projects.

Condition: – only displayed on the subscription landing page.
Trigger: – only appears when the reader decides to leave the page.
Advanced Rule: – Only presented to users who haven’t logged in and have arrived through an inner project management site.

3. Popup – Provides a general overview of the whole corporate subscription program’s advantages.

Conditions: – only displayed on the subscription landing page.
Trigger: – only appears when the visitor decides to leave the page.
Advanced Rule: – Only visible to non-logged-in visitors who arrived via a search engine.

Each of the conditions must be followed for any of the three popups to appear. In this case, if the visitor arrived from a source other than the two internal sites or a web search, the Popup won’t show. Again, if a user matches all criteria for one Popup but is not signed in, the Popup will not be displayed. And there will be no popup if the visitor has not entered the subscription page. Popups may have layout difficulties on iOS10 and lower, and they are not functional with or enabled by the Internet Explorer 11 and below.

Elementor pop up FAQs

Is it possible to include a form in a Elementor Popup?

Yes, one of the most popular applications of Popups is to display an Elementor form. The 3rd party form scripts, on the other hand, may not operate with the Elementor Popup Creator by defaults.

1. Is it possible to put any Elementor widget in an Elementor Popup?

Definitely! Create your Popup in the same manner as creating an Elementor page. Also, you can include Forms, widgets, and templates. 

2. Elementor Popup margins don’t always operate the way I want them to? Why?

The margins you choose for popup displays may be overruled in some circumstances. Since the flex alignments of the graphics grid system are more significant than the margins, it gets priority. If you’re having trouble generating positive right margins, consider applying a negative left margin.

3. Is it conceivable for me to create my Elementor Popup window?

Yes. Elementor plugin Popups provide the most sophisticated design possibilities of any popup. Set the backdrop colour, picture, or gradients for Popups, or create translucent Popups. The Elementor Popup window frames may also be customized with border and box shadowing.

Colour, picture, and gradient backgrounds overlay choices are available for the exterior area outside the Popup. Also, the close button may be modified to your liking. This covers placement (in or out), vertically and horizontally alignment, color, backdrop coloring, and sizes. Most of these style options also support mobile customization, making it simple to adapt Popups to various devices.


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