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Landing Search & Paid Optimization in 2022

Landing Search Engine & Paid Search Optimization in 2022

In This article  titled ” Landing Search Engine & Paid Search Optimization in 2022″ We will go into case studies for Landing page optimization Search engine optimization and paid search engine optimization.

Even with the current technological advancement, it’s next to impossible to find a marketing tactic that an entrepreneur or marketer does not power. Before diving into your next investment, consider all your marketing assets and campaigns to evaluate the best opportunity for improvement or what can yield more profits?

Landing page optimization, Search engine optimization, and paid search engine optimization are marketing tactics that convert new visitors into leads while attracting more prospects. Improving these three elements is a definite assurance of achieving your goals.

Optimizing allows you to use anecdotal evidence and data to drive your marketing strategy to newer heights instead of completely redesigning your whole page based on a hunch. Seeing is believing better, yet the proof is better than words said. Read these three quick case studies gathered from your peers that might inspire your next optimization effort.

Quick case study 1: Health system shifts paid search tactic from regionally based to location-specific, which increases conversion by about 111%

Landing Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Search Optimization

UCHealth is a non-profit health care organization with multiple locations in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. The UCHealth team optimized its paid search strategy, shifting away from regional-based campaigns to target individual campaigns in each region. This enabled them to provide optimization opportunities at the lowest level—the project brought about hundreds of independent paid search campaigns, each containing its dedicated budget.

The team was able to accomplish their objectives by targeting these four elements:

  • Location targeting: With multiple UCHealth locations, it’s hard to establish control over budgets, bid strategies, keywords, and ad copy at the lowest levels. They implemented country-level targeting, geo-targeting, and Key ZIP code to counter this drawback.
  • Keywords: For better access to newer prospective patients, they spot out high intent keywords for each service line, both geo-based and proximity-based.
  • Conversion tracking: The team examined each paid search conversion in Google Ads to identify if the strategies could maximize returns. When enough data accumulated into the campaign structure, the team adjusted bid strategies to optimize people more likely to become patients.

Landing page optimization: same as adjustments made at the campaign level. Its strategy shifted from regionally based in favor of location-specific.

Quick case study 2: Competitor contrast landing pages optimized for organic search traffic that attracts 6% of organic traffic for web conferencing software

Landing Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Search Optimization

Livestorm was established in 2016, but it had some challenges: weak SEO traffic, the market already had big competitors, lack of brand awareness. However, these challenges are common to any start-up company, but the team found a workaround to this challenge. They developed an acquisition tactic for their web conferencing software and majored in SEO as a potential route by generating quality traffic through focus-specific keywords. 

During earlier times, they focused on a specific niche: marketing webinars. The team created a website that targeted the use case and built a lot of content around the niche. They focused on searches with that specific keyword knowing it only addressed the topmost filter. Since the brand was non-existent, they developed comparison pages to help put Livestorm back on the map.

The team needed an automated way to build those web pages to maximize the ROI during the time building them. They began with keyword research and identified every keyword that listed significant competitors. After thorough research, they collected all the data in a spreadsheet and applied a competitor A vs B format.

Finally, they drafted a list with all competitors, they did their research on and listed every feature tied to them. The information was included in the content management system in the form of a table.

Quick case study 3: Event management company's landing page optimization increases conversions by 40%

Landing Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Search Optimization

Outback Team Building and Training provides digital team building operations which promote paid search ads and partnership through affiliates. Every activity contains an independent activity page similar to the product page found on an eCommerce website.

To make the landing page more attractive to a broader set of motivations, teams A and B tested including a part near the lower point of the page that contains a carousel of other famous digital team building activities to optimize the landing page’s performance.

They identified a 40 % increase rate on the test variant. “After noticing the results, they initiated a similar test to alternative activity landing pages whereby they saw increased conversions of about 20 – 50 % throughout other activity pages.

Landing Search Engine & Paid Search Optimization :Conclusion

The world is now more digitally advanced than in the past. For you to excel in this digital era, you need to adopt a more prominent digital approach. Digital transformation allows room for optimization which can help you lead your marketing strategy down a proper path.

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