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Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Kartra vs. Thinkific Compared: Which Works Better in 2022

The online world has come a long way in providing more straightforward means to do anything. In this particular case, technology has worked its way into giving businesses simpler alternative means to help businesses flourish.

The internet has become a new tool for conducting businesses by providing a broader platform not bound by geographic regions. The internet offers a multitude of tools, software, and markets to help you accomplish your goals. Today we will be comparing Karta and Thinkific to help you choose the best software to meet your business goals.

Karta and Thinkific are fantastic online platforms that help entrepreneurs enhance their skills, knowledge, products, and services. Both software offers almost similar features, pros, and cons, making it difficult to decide which one is better. This article will do an in-depth review of the two, making it easier for you to find which ones best suit your business objectives. Read on to find out which of the two is better.

kartra Review- Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Kartra is a software that offers an all-in-one online platform packed with comprehensive marketing tools to assist you in building, trade, and launch digital products in a single integrated platform.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Kartra Exclusive Features-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Karta packs extensive features all aimed at boosting your business objectives in many ways. Here are some of the best features Karta has to offer.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Funnel Builder and Campaigns-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

This feature enables users to build a multi-page funnel flow which gives you the ability to convert visitors to leads, leads to customers, and the customers into regular customers. A multi-page funnel flow is a procedure where visitors are directed through multiple pages to carry out tasks or fulfill a marketing goal.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Email Marketing Automation-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Email automation is like having an efficient marketing partner that can help you run your email and marketing campaigns when you are not around. You can flawlessly build automated emails or campaigns to engage with your customers or clients with this feature.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Affiliate Management-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

This feature enables you to manage your affiliates as a whole through a channel and promote your course brand or product.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Creating Course Building Pages-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Course building pages is a tool that allows you to design or customize course pages using professional templates. Kartra uses a drag and drop technique to create templates which makes it easier for users.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Video & Course Hosting-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Using unique video content boosts sales. Kartra offers various video hosting features like call to action, which pop up when you watch a video, follow-up messages for new subscribers, tag assigning, and add to funnels option.

Follow the link below to understand how to set up and manage your video hosting on Kartra.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Scheduling apps-Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared

Running a good business requires a disciplined form of order and organization. Karta provides a calendar app to schedule client appointments and meetings.

Although Kartra has a multitude of benefits, it also has its shortcomings. Below is a table containing Kartra’s shortcomings and advantages.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?


  •   Clear, simple, and consistent type of interface.
  •   Ability to trade products with upsells or down sells.
  •   Video hosting includes tagging.
  •   Analytics integrated across most modules.
  •   Done-for-you marketing campaigns
  •   Ability to create a team of promoters using affiliate module.
  •   Portals for membership/courses.


  •  It doesn’t have native Webinar solutions, although integrations are possible.
  •   Live chat sessions don’t work for a total of 24 hours.
  •   Some modules are a little bit rigid.
  •   Offers a more expensive plan compared to Thinkific.

Thinkific is considered a Learning Management System that provides a secure platform to manage, host, and trade courses online without expert tech skills.

Thinkific Review-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Thinkific is a robust, business-friendly online course building platform that enables users to seamlessly and uniquely customize visual look and capability.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Course Builder-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Thinkific has a powerful and versatile builder to create alternate membership levels, users’ course appearance, and drip content. Drip content enables users to organize content releases according to milestones achieved like enrollment of students, unique calendar dates, and more. Through drip content, your customers can revisit older lessons for a better understanding. 


For a perfect look at Thinkific course builder, follow the video link below.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Hosting Content-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Thinkific hosting feature allows you to natively host your course videos without relying on third-party software like Wistia. As an added advantage, users can host their content in different formats such as text, audio, video, and PDFs.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?

Creating Course Builder-Katra vs. Thinkific Compared

Your webpage is the first thing that customers critic when they preview your services or products. Creating an easy-to-use and visually impressive website earns you extra points. Thinkific website builder allows you to create a detailed yet straightforward online class to serve customer satisfaction.

Since now we know about Thinkific, learning the pros and cons might sway your decision to determining which of the two is the best.

Kartra vs. Thinkific: Compared Which Works Better in 2022?


  •   Has an online community forum
  •   Beginner-friendly, easy-to-use interface.
  •   Thinkific has a free trial plan for trial.
  •   It has a secure cloud hosting and backup data feature.
  •   You have an unlimited number of students you can enroll.
  •   Ability to uniquely design custom landing pages.
  •   Robust, powerful features.


  • The layout isn’t as clean compared to others 
  •   Low uploading speeds 
  •   You are not able to upload some of the social media accounts.
  •   Basic certificates.

Head-to-head review of Kartra vs. Thinkfic

To start, Karter is a bit pricier compared to Thinkific. Thinkific also offers a free trial plan, although the free trial plan has limited features. Thinkific has a native quiz and survey feature; using Kartra, you will have to integrate third-party software such as Trello to design and offer your customers assignments quizzes and surveys.

Thinkific gets a tick when offering video hosting since you can host content in any format. On the other hand, Kartra cannot host content in audio or PDF format. However, Kartra gets some credit for offering pop-ups while you’re watching the video. Thinkific and Kartra both have a drag n drop editor for customizing online courses, making it beginner-friendly. You don’t necessarily need to have tech wits to interact with the software.

Kartra vs. Thinkific Compared: Which Will Work Better?- Conclusion

Overall, Karta is packed with features that are essential in running an effective business. Features like scheduling apps and member features, while Thinkific is more niche-based. Thinkific is more online course-based; most of its features focus on enhancing a perfect online course page; therefore, it does not offer features that deal with other business objectives.

If your business is based on online courses, Thinkific is the best way to go since its robust features will boost your business goals. However, if you consider offering more than an online course with your business, Kartra is the best option.

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