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How to Create ShortCodes in BuddyPress in 2022

How to Create ShortCodes for Buddypress in 2022

In this article we look at Buddy Press Shortcode

What are Buddy press shortcodes? Like its name, shortcodes are short forms of code that stand in for the whole code. Instead of the author of the code making, you type the entire code, which might be lengthy and tedious; the author creates a shortcode that acts like the whole code. WordPress shortcodes are small bits of code that give you access to accomplish various things with little effort. 

 WordPress has several shortcodes created in gallery, audio, video, captions, and more. Some shortcodes come with plug-ins like Buddy Press which, luckily, we are going to cover today.

Ways to create shortcodes in Buddy Press

Buddy Press is a current, robust, and state-of-the-art social networking WordPress plug-in that allows you to build your community site. Buddy Press is a popular Word Press plug-in that gives you access to view or creates user profiles, user’s activity streams, groups, and other excellent features. Buddy press is flawed when it comes to executing shortcodes on WordPress.

How to Create Shortcodes in Buddy Press.

How to create shortcodes in Buddy Press.

You will need familiarity working with PHP code and skills in editing your WordPress theme files. By the time we finish this article, you will have your custom word press theme form ready. To help guide you, I will be using examples to explain how to create shortcodes. Let’s start with a simple shortcode before moving on to the more complex ones.

Let’s create a shortcode called simpleyear that outputs the current year form on your website. Create a new plugin in your directory folder; call it whatever you like; I will call mine simpleyear codes. In the year plugin directory creates a PHP file with the same name as simpleyearcode.php. Once done, add a header to your plugin file. A header acts like an entry point for our plugin, which is a PHP tag with a comment and a few details inside of it.

 Now all you have to do is register the code and its handler function. To do that, add the following code to your plugin file.

/** Add_shortcorde( �current_year’, simplecodes_year’);

Function simplecodes_init(){

Function simplecode_year(){

Return getdate()[�year’];



Add action(�init’, �simplecodes_init’); 


Make sure you end your PHP file with a closing tag. The return tag in the PHP comment defines the type of output returned; it is followed by a short description of the same. The current year is the shortcode tag or name. This defines the self-closing tag you need to add to your content. In this case, it will be a current year, simplecodes_year is the name of the shortcode handler function that will return the output string. 

Since we are creating a simple self-closing shortcode, you don’t have to pass any variable values such as attributes content or tag. Simplecodes is the wrapper function that is well hooked to make sure that the shortcode is registered and runs only after the WordPress has finished loading.

WordPress’s inbuilt add action function makes this possible. Get date is a PHP function that returns an array of date information of the current timestamp the year key holds. The current year’s value is a four-digit string, so get date year returns the current year. This output is exactly what we want; now, save this code in your plug-in file. Add the shortcode to your Bpp shortcodes plugin and test it out to see if it works. 

When creating complex shortcodes that may require the use of HTML elements, attributes like href id, class target, and label can be used to customize with ease. You can use the id and class attributes to style your design, form, or avatar since they are both common CSS selectors.

How to Create Shortcodes in Buddy Press.

How to add shortcodes to your page or post.

  1.   First of all, you have to build a new page and select the add a Block key.
  2.   Navigate yourself to the widgets Blocklist, where all Bp profile shortcodes have been listed.
  3.   Select the code you want to use on your page.
  4.   Then select the Publish key.

If you followed the steps correctly, the shortcode you selected would be executed. In case you need a view of how these steps work, follow the link below.


Let me take you through a few examples of how you can use shortcodes to execute tasks. 

·    Using shortcodes to integrate eMembership Registration Edit profile page on your web page: Use the shortcode [bp_profile_edit_url], which you can find in the BP profile shortcode plug-in. You will need to add the shortcode to the page depending on your current URL.

·    Creating registration form: To display a registration form on any page, you can use �[buddyRegistartionFormCode]’ to have the form appear on any web page. This will give you the option to disable /enable user image cover, disable/enable group image cover, and more.

Using a shortcode is relatively easy, especially with the Bpp shortcode plug-in. Mainly what you have to do is figure out what you want. Once you have figured out what you want, select the code to be executed and paste it on your edit form file.

Note: Before you enter any shortcode, make sure you save a copy of the original file before entering any code. If the code is not executed as planned, you can have something to go back to and try again.

Bpp has come as a solution to most people who don’t know coding, and on that note, I hope you find this article as your solution to creating shortcodes in Bp. Good luck.

Frequently asked questions?-Create ShortCodes in BuddyPress

  1.   Is there a shortcode list? Yes, you can find a list of all available shortcodes on the Bpp shortcodes plug-in.
  2.   Does the Bpp need special permission? This plug-in does not require any licenses or permits. However, there are a few settings you need to look out for to have things running smoothly for you.
  3.   Can registration forms be present on any web page? With this shortcode, you can display shortcodes on any page'[buddyRegisterFormCode].’
  4.   Do you need to have Bpp to execute shortcodes? Not only do you need to install this plug-in, but it also needs to be activated so that you can use shortcodes.
  5.   How do you create a Bpp profile? Install and activate Bpp. Under your Word press Dashboard, click on Users the Profile, here you can add your template Demo. Now just set up your unique profile fields, i.e., date of birth, name, title, and so on.
  6.   Why should I use shortcodes? You don’t have to use shortcodes. If you prefer to do it the long way, then have a go at it. People use shortcodes since it is less time-consuming, convenient, and tidy. As an added advantage, shortcodes are a little bit more beginner-friendly, although it requires you to know coding knowledge.

References- Create ShortCodes in BuddyPress


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