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How to create a multi-store in WooCommerce in 2022

How to Create a Multi store in Woocommerce

The ultimate goal for any eCommerce store is to make as much profit as possible by selling more products from your store. Stepping into the world of eCommerce can feel like a big step, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a WooCommerce multi-store can make your transition into eCommerce smoother while boosting your conversions even more.

To create a multi-store in WooCommerce, we need first to understand what it is. A multi-store is a chain of different shops. Having a multi-store is a benefit; i.e., when you are selling goods or services in more than one country, you should have other websites in other dialects to get a broader market and boost your profit margins.

How about we take you through a step-by-step process to create a WooCommerce multi-store, rather than opening more than one account to access your stores which can be tedious.

Understanding WooCommerce and the best way to build a multi-store.

How to create a multi-store in WooCommerce

Most people are familiar with WordPress multi-site features. WooCommerce is one of the popular management systems found on WordPress. This system offers access to various powerful features like creating and managing multi-store plugins. In addition, WooCommerce gives you the ability to manage several stores from just one site.

Steps on how to build a WooCommerce multi-store.

Step 1: Installing WordPress.

First, you need to acquire WordPress; this can be through its official site or any other licensed website of your convenience. Once you have downloaded WordPress and generated the site, you have created a multi-site, which is easier than it seems.

Step 2: adding code snippet file on WordPress.

On your website’s home page, open the file named (wp- config.php) on the home folder, type in this code snippet. https://litextension.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Screen-Shot-2019-12-05-at-5.36.38-PM.png

Step 3: Configuration.

Access the Network setup under Tools on the menu at the sidebar. You should know that this option is only found in the menu after you typed in the snippet from step 2.

Once you have confirmed the setup option is available, go back and enter the following code snippet. Follow the link below to find the code snippet.


What remains is to switch the code using all the content of the (.htaccess) file located in your folder. After you are done, ensure you save the two files, log out then log in to activate your multi-site on WordPress.

Step 4: Configuring the settings of the network admin.

If you followed the steps above correctly, a new logo called My Sites can be seen on the left side of the homepage bar. Click on the Logo to access a drop-down menu and select Network administration site to show all other child sites you created. This feature only allows super admins to access network admin settings.

You can install plugins, customize and construct other settings that manage all your sites from the Network Administration settings.

Final step: Installing WooCommerce.

Note: Only the original admin has access to install plugins, and it is only achieved from their dashboard. The initial admin has more control over the site. However, on different site levels, you can either enable or disable the plugins.

To create WooCommerce, navigate to plugins under Network Admin, select ‘Add New, ‘add the WooCommerce plugin and wait until it completes the installation process. Then, to enable WooCommerce, select � Network Activate’; this also includes all the child sites.

If you only want to enable the plugin on one site, you can do that by selecting the corresponding site’s WooCommerce to start button. After completing this process, the WooCommerce store will provide you with a quick store setup guide.

Ways in which you can shift to WooCommerce

They say you should not put all your eggs in one basket; in this case, you should. WooCommerce multi-store provides you with a robust multi-manager system. As a result, WooCommerce is one of the best solutions to run all your stores effectively and efficiently for those interested in giving their business an edge over other competitors.

LitExtension makes the migration easier by sequentially migrating data from already existing multi-stores to WordPress. LitExtension is considered the most advanced method of migrating multi-stores. Its connector enables the exchange of data between stores. There are two options of migration which are:

All-in-one migration: You can hire professionals to help you with the migration process, including customization.

Basic migration: Likewise, you can do it independently with the help of the technical support team.

Let me take you through a detailed step-by-step direction on basic migration to WooCommerce using LitExtension.

Log in to the Litextension website; if you don’t have an account, you will have to fill in the registration form and create an account.

 Access your account and select � Create New Migration’ to start.

Fill in the link of each of the stores you need to shift to and from, then add the remaining required details as required. Finish up by setting the connector using the guide provided by Litextension.

 Click on the check box for the entities you need to transfer; extra options are provided to maximize your migration possibilities. Take your pick. Don’t be shy to use what you need; just be cautious using additional options you might end up clearing data on your target store. You can easily apply these steps on your own if time is not an issue; if you need help, you can contact customer care to seek more guidance.

How to create a multi-store in WooCommerce - Conclusion

WooCommerce is a robust feature that gives your business an edge over other competitors while boosting your profit margins. Every company aims to reach a broader market and bridge the gaps in doing business without incurring losses. WooCommerce is the solution to all those problems. You can appeal to the different tastes, better page rankings, and efficient store management with the convenience of just one site.

For all those thinking of entering the world of eCommerce, let your first wise business decision be using WooCommerce multi-store to help boost your market margins.



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