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Common Marketing and Web Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

We will teach you in this article , how to Overcome Common marketing and website design mistakes.

There are millions of websites. You don’t want your own website to be overlooked in the crowd and just be one of the ordinary ones with no value.

Chances are, you established the website with either a product, service or advocacy to pursue. If you don’t stand out, you don’t stand a chance of catching the attention of your focused market that you’re trying to reach.

Now, what are the common marketing webdesign mistakes to avoid? There are several of them so let’s take them up one by one until you finally transform your website into a really responsive platform that attains your objectives:

A Very Slow Website- How to Overcome Web Design Mistakes

How To Overcome Common Marketing and Web Design Mistakes

This is one of the common marketing website design mistakes to avoid.

No one who visits the internet would want the information that you would want to get to be slow in coming to life on the screen.

Studies have shown that websites’ conversion rates drop by nearly 5 percent for every additional second of loading time. The attention span of the average internet surfer is so short that even 1 or 2 seconds that wastes his or her time pushes this person to quit waiting on that website and divert attention elsewhere.

Some remedies which your technical team could do to repair this problem is to compress images and minify your code which includes CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Admit it. Isn’t it just a joy if the website you visited loads up clearly in just a few quick seconds?

Form Fields That Stomp Your Website Visitors - Marketing and Website Design Mistakes

How To Overcome Common Marketing and Web Design Mistakes

You’ve somehow managed to get your website guests to scroll down a bit and read some of the information on your website. Then you’ve got a form field that catches their attention and which you also need for them to fill out their personal information and financial data (on how they would pay).

But the process is so complicated wherein you need them to watch another video or read another longform content before they put in their data.

Before they were able to encode their data which you so desire to get, their phone rings or some other thing came up, and you have just lost another potential client.

The form field step is so important that you shouldn’t get other factors to come in the way. Make it short, simple and concise so that when you get your desired information, all other information that you have to relay to them will just come in a breeze.

Website Design That's Not Responsive To Mobile Devices

How To Overcome Common Marketing and Web Design Mistakes

When you have your website designed, you should keep in mind that more half of internet traffic are sourced from smartphones and mobile devices.

This means you have to cater to this market that rely so much on their phones by optimizing your website for mobile device use.

Your website design should be adjusted to the standard width and length of the screens of the popular smartphones and you should have easily clickable buttons.

Your form fields which are so critical for visitor conversion should be mobile optimized by being easy to trigger the correct input type. Your text should also be neither too big or small for the smaller screens of mobile devices.

But don’t forget optimization for the PCs and the laptops too. Better still, your website design should be able to sense what kind of device is accessing it and adjust its specs accordingly.

Too Much Information To Digest- Marketing and Web Design Mistakes

How To Overcome Common Marketing and Web Design Mistakes

Have you ever shown interest in a website only to get turned off in the end when there’s too much jargon?

The intention is good, but the overload of information just simply makes you want to vomit and get away from your screen.

Just put in the right amount of information to pique the interest of your website visitor and put in some imagery to complement your words. Allow a lot of white space in between the text and the pictures (or maybe 1 short video) to have an uncluttered look and you can get your website visitor to stay a bit longer.

You’ll see that you’ll get more positive results this way. And emphasis on the white space.

Poor Call-To-Action Navigation -Common Marketing Mistakes

How To Overcome Common Marketing and Web Design Mistakes

Have you ever visited a website wherein you’re confused on what to do next. Sometimes, it takes you only a few seconds to ask yourself, Why Am I Here? And then you delete the website.

You’ve already caught the attention of your website visitor with an uncluttered design that has a simple message which strikes a need in your visitor.

Your visitor already has filled out some important form fields and you only need a couple of easy to navigate buttons leading the guest safely to the PURCHASE button or the SUBSCRIBE button.

That’s the bottom line isn’t it? That your visitor finally pushed a button that made that person make a purchase or sign up to a product or service of value from you.

But it was a lot of creative and hard work from you and your staff. You were able to design an easy to navigate sequence which will just naturally make that desired conversion for you!

Visual Warnings That Your Website Is Insecure

How To Overcome Common Marketing and Web Design Mistakes

Have you ever visited a website that has a lot of pop ups which disturb you from focusing on the message of the website?

Or are there warning signs that your visitors could sense that your website is not secure and could even hack your personal or financial data?

Online security and privacy is a cause of concern these days for website visitors and you should deal with this problem promptly.

One thing you could do is to install an SSL certificate on your website. You could purchase these SSL certificates from several reputable hosting companies.

These are the common marketing webdesign mistakes. Avoid getting lost in errors that make you only an ordinary face in the crowd of websites that are trying to get the attention of consumers around the world. If your website stands out because you followed the proper internet protocol of attracting the right crowd, the income stream will follow.

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