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Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress for 2022

Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Are you searching for a coming soon and maintenance page plugin for your WordPress website, but you are unsure where to start?

A coming soon page is a stand-in page that sits on your webpage or site before it’s ready to launch. In detail, it’s a temporary page that informs your visitors of your website when it’s under construction. A coming soon page is a great way to capture leads, keep google rank in Search engines and excite visitors before launch.

Using a good Coming soon Maintenance plugin, you can easily build, customize, and add a coming soon mode to your site.

Read on to find out some of the best coming soon Maintenance mode plugins and themes you can use for your WordPress website.

Coming soon and Maintenance Mode

Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

This fantastic plugin helps users create a coming soon/maintenance page with a desired video or image in the background. There are two versions, the free version, which has basic features, and the Pro version, which will have more features once you upgrade.

Features of the free version.

  • Easy installation and usage.
  • Completely responsive
  • Power to disable the plugin for specific IPs
  • Custom logo design
  • Capable of using its post editor for Message.
  • Capable of setting keywords and Meta descriptions.

Features of Pro-version

  • Customizable background slider
  • Background videos (doesn’t work on mobile devices).
  • Countdown timer till launch.
  • Great animation effects for all elements.
  • Power to exclude posts or pages you want
  • Subscription forms that allow the collection of leads.

Like any other coming soon/maintenance plugin, it has its shortcomings and advantages.



  • Affordable prices and planning compared to other plugins
  • It doesn’t have extensive, robust features
  • Customizable sliders which allow creativity and captures visitors’ attention
  • The free version has only basic features.
  • Easy to use since its beginner-friendly
  • Background videos are not supported by all devices, i.e., mobile devices.
  • Clean interface with everything laid out properly


Final verdict

Coming soon and maintenance offers a 100% refund before seven days if you don’t like the progress of the plugin. This plugin has fantastic deals for all their bundled features, and it can be your solution for a coming soon page/maintenance.

Nifty WordPress Coming Soon Plugin

Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Like its name, Nifty is a fantastic Coming soon/under construction plugin that is simple and easy to use. Nifty can build responsive web pages for different devices to enable your sites to run smoothly across all devices. With Nifty, you can create background sliders using an overlay pattern and opacity.

Features of Nifty

  • Has a modern coming soon/under construction design
  • Editable sections from the options panel
  • It has a customizable countdown timer
  • Overlay background pattern
  • Preloaded
  • Power to switch off/on any part
  • Preview feature (You can see what the result looks like even without logging out)
  • Nifty has incorporated third-party software, i.e., MailChimp and other sign-up form apps for the coming soon webpage.
  • Option to translate.

Even with its extensive features, a few things are lacking in Nifty; here are a few pros and cons.



  • It’s versatile
  • The platform doesn’t look visually appealing, and the color schemes have not been coordinated well.


  • It’s neurodiverse (it allows users to pick a view of their choice (swimlane, calendar, list, and more.)
  • A task can only be broken down once, and it would be more suitable to break them down infinitely.
  • Multiple breakdowns of tasks using various variables.

Final verdict

Nifty packs a variety of fantastic features that are all aimed at improving and enhancing user experience, if you want a powerful yet effective coming soon/maintenance without needing a pleasant visual interface, consider using nifty.

IgniteUp plugin

Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

IgniteUp is a popular WordPress plugin that offers a coming soon mode with two plans; free and premium plans. The free version consists of basic features and seven different templates to pick from. Here are some of the main features of IgniteUp that might amaze you.

Features of IgniteUp

  • Supports many WordPress themes
  • Options to use a secret URL to hide or show the site to specific visitors.
  • Contact forms and email subscriptions form are supported.
  • YouTube video background page
  • Mobile response.
  • The premium plan contains Particleground/Snow animation effects

Here are a few kinks and advantages you can find while using IgniteUp.



  • Works across all devices
  • A bit pricey compared to other plugins.
  • Customizable background and sliders
  • Completely customizable templates.


Final verdict

IgniteUp does not overdo it when it comes to its interface; it gives you just enough to make it visually appealing and easy to use. Although it’s a bit pricier than other plugins, its robust and customizable features make it worthy for those who can afford it.

Elementor plugin

Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

To be clear, Elementor is a theme-based plugin, but it has an inbuilt coming soon/under maintenance mode. Since Elementor is a theme-based plugin, most of its coming soon mode features are customizable, which means the limit to your creativity is boundless.

Elementor features

  • Has design modules, widgets and templates.
  • Holds of search engines from indexing your website until it launches.
  • Coming soon mode informs search engines to crawl another website you have.

Elementor has a few more features, but most are not tailored to the coming soon/Under maintenance page. If the features cannot make it easier for you to decide Elementor is your pick, here are some pros and cons that might sway your answer.




  • Fully customizable templates
  • Integration with native and third-party software’s
  • Customer support communication is not good, although they have a team of Facebook who helps out.
  • Its block code is seamless to work with
  • It needs more advanced SEO features.
  • Clean, neat, and beginner-friendly interface.


Final verdict

Elementor is a helpful tool that packs a lot of extensive features. It’s like a Russian doll; there is more to it than what you see on the surface. However, for those searching for a plugin to handle coming soon, pages you will be spending a lot of money for just one feature.

You can’t only pay for the coming soon/under maintenance mode, and you pay for the whole package.

Under Construction

Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Under construction is another excellent alternative plugin for a coming soon webpage. This plugin makes creating under construction pages seem so effortless. It takes less than a minute to configure the settings to best suit you. This plugin also allows you to set an end date to launch your website or webpage, and it automatically goes live.

Features of Under Construction

  • Has an automatic date feature.
  • The plugin offers an on/off construction mode
  • Custom CSS (you can change any part of the page)
  • Over 200 themes to choose from
  • Has Google analytics
  • Presence of social media icons to
  • It has an allowlist feature (you can choose those who see the page instead of the under-construction page.

The Under Construction webpage can work with some of the following plugins: Wp super cache, Swift Performance, Cache Enabler, W3 Total Cache, Fastest Cache, Hummingbird cache, and Site Ground SuperCacher.

How about we learn the pros and cons to establish whether using Under construction is worth it.



  • Fast, easy, and practical to use
  • Only the premium version packs extensive features.
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Lacks some advanced SEO features
  • Customizable CSS style allows users to change whatever they want.


  • Integration with social media sites


  • Auto launching capabilities


Final verdict

Under construction is straight to the point; it is designed to create under maintenance pages, and does that effectively and swiftly. It has a neat interface that is easy to interact with, making the whole process easier. If you are looking for a plugin that does the job well and quickly, this is the plugin you need.

WP Maintenance Mode

It’s a nicely made plugin that creates even more excellent and simple coming soon/under construction pages for your WordPress website. WP Maintenance Mode stands out from the rest because it provides many free features that other plugins would offer for a fee. However, you have to watch a lot of ads of different design products in WordPress Dashboard.

Features of WP maintenance

  • Presence of social media icons
  • It has a countdown timer
  • Completely customizable
  • Responsive design
  • Presence of contact email and subscription form
  • Bot functionality helps gather the emails in an efficient and friendly manner.
  • Ability to exclude URLs from the maintenance page.
  • GDPR ready.

Here are a few pros and cons of WP that might help you weigh your decision for or against using WP Maintenance Mode.



  • Has a good UI tips
  • It might behave funky if you have cache running
  • Subscriber function for notifications when the website is back online
  • Although it’s free, you are subjected to view a lot of ads which overtime becomes monotonous
  • It’s easy to use and quick to set up a coming soon page


  • Has a variety of options and customizations


Final verdict

This plugin is good for the people who want something to make quick coming soon pages without the need for over extensive features. However, it’s free so that means you can enjoy its features without worrying about the costs

Best Coming Soon Maintenance Plugins for WordPress - My Conclusion

In today’s post, we have analyzed the features of some of the best coming soon/under construction mode plugins. Different plugins have different features, get your facts right, understand what tasks you want to accomplish, and pick which one best suits your needs using this list of plugins.


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