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Ads Pro Plugin: A Stunning Review 2022

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

 In the following article we do a stunning article even though we say it ourselves on Ads Pro please take a look.!

When you run a WordPress website, there’re many ways to make money online. If you’re just starting, you want to get the most traffic. This is where ads pro plugins come in. They help you update and display your advertising space.

And all templates are flexible and customizable to meet your needs. In this post, we’ll discuss everything you should know about Ads pro plugins how to use them, and more.

Read on.


How ads pro can help you

Ads Pro is a WordPress plugin that offers a variety of options to create and manage your adverts. It automates the processes and is less error-prone. This can be a huge time saver.

Besides, you get templates when used in conjunction with other features. And this is what you need for back-end management functions. To put it succinctly, you get complete control over how the ads are displayed.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022


Ads pro plugin comes with powerful features and works better than other word pro plugins. Some of the best perks are display conditions, additional placements, cache busting, and visitor conditions.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

Multiple ads option

Users can take several isolated processes and automate them. And you can decide on some options with a single click.

Ad Pro offers 20 types of display options – it covers the bases like a group of ads and blog pages that can be displayed on the website.

Placing the ads on the grid won’t be a problem as well. You have control of how the ads are displayed.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

Controlled Access to Ads

Ad Pro gives editing privileges and allows for authorized access. So, the ads can be blocked or hidden. The plugins have a multi-functional admin panel that determines how to manage the campaign.


Users can track the statistics on the dashboard. The ad buyer gives order details and other critical information like conversion ratios, earnings, and numbers of impressions. Of course, you can create a new ad and display it based on the device.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

Pre-defined ad templates

The pre-defined ad templates will give the ad designer room for creativity. Generally, the templates are grouped into seven categories. You can set seven ad standards, edit, and customize them. Of course, you’ll appreciate the multicurrency and Multilanguage features.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

Payment and billing options

Ads pro plugins provide bank transfer and PayPal as the billing options. Still, you can benefit from cost per click, cost per day, or cost per thousand impressions.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

back end admin panel

This feature allows you to manage sold ads and unlimited space. Since the control panel is intuitive, you save time.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022


This plugin allows for a multi-language preference, irrespective of the language. You can set advanced ads according to the location of the visitors. For instance, a Spanish-speaking person wants the ads served in Spanish. This is an efficient way of monetizing every visit.

Users can hide or show the specific places in the cities, provinces, country, and zip codes. If you want to show ads for mobile devices, you just follow a simple process.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

Choosing a new placement

Ad pro plugins allow you to choose ad placement. You can manually choose a shortcode or PHP function. Also, you can select predefined locations to post titles and content. That’s not all – users can automatically insert ad sides. You get a ton of features like setting the background of your website and archiving pages.

Adding Group Location

The Group & Location section allows you to create new group ads. If you want to control what is displayed to your visitors, you can use features like browser language, recurring visitors only, geo-location, and previous clicks for the user.

User Managers

You can assign access to manage ads or free adverting.


You can access many pre-defined templates of standard ads via the creator. Ads pro plugins can be enhanced with some powerful features to make them useful. Whatever extension you need, there’s a plugin for it.

Geo-Target Option

You can hide or show the ad spaces for provinces, zip codes, provinces, and cities.

Ease of Use

Ads pro plugin are simple to use with WordPress multisite, visual composer, Google AdSense, HTML5, JS ADS, CSS3, and other latest technologies. You also get an option on the number of times to display the ads and full-timing control.

Online Statistics

Each client gets an email and a link to statistics online. You can get information like browser, status, IP, and date. With the tracking add-ons, you can know how your ads are performing. This is great news since you can evaluate how your campaign is doing. And with the right information, you can focus on what suits a specific audience.

In the free version, you can create unlimited ads, rotate ads, or schedule ads.

Other powerful features

Ad Block Detection

It protects your WordPress site from standard ad blocks.

Notification Module

Once you make a payment, you get an email notification.

Random and AMP enabled Ads

You get different ads for each refresh page. This is designed to display bare web pages and get rich content. The advanced ads can insert AMP pages without losing any revenue.

Auto Accept Sold ads

You can confirm ads either manually or automatically. The inbuilt smart slot allows the advertisers to ad slots on the site.

Some ads work well on mobile – you can enable them regardless of the device you use to access the site. If your website uses cache, you can place your ads on BuddyPress, bbPress, or WPML.

Easy to Change and Translate Currency

You can translate the order form into the native language.

image Customization

The order form can be colored, and it doesn’t matter how large it is. You can also hide ads for logged-in specific pages and users.

Banner Ad lazy Loading

Ad pro plugins will ensure your WordPress website doesn’t suffer. Keep in mind the site speed is a great ranking factor.

A/B Testing

You can compare the ads and use the A/B test module.

Full Timing Control

Your ads can be shown or written in seconds, so this option has a close button too. The plugin will provide helpful guides and offer support for all customers.

Advertising Format/Features

Users can choose an online format like png, jpg, or gif. The video can be in flash or HTML5. You can use some advertising features like capping users, schedule ad campaigns, ad rotation, or automatic open/close ads.

Drag and Drop

If you want to change the position of the ad, the drag and drop option will help you do it.

Customer Support

The customer service for ads pro plugins comes with one of the best customer support. If you go to the support thread, you can confirm that most of the queries were resolved in record time.

Ads Pro Plugin Pricing

The pricing is based on the version you choose. The basic version costs $59 – it offers future updates and six months of support. If you need more, you can upgrade to the All Access package or Access Long Term. And once you set up a discount for your campaigns, be sure to include billing methods like cost per click, cost per day, and cost per view.

With the pro version, you can access powerful features. Users have an option to go for an integrated license that can accommodate up to 10 websites at $285. And you get six months of video guides and plugin updates.

How to Set up your campaign?

First, you should go to a WordPress depository. Next, click the advanced ads and set the campaign you want. You can select the plain text, PHP, JavaScript, Amazon, or HTML. You can also add a dummy ad to see what the ad looks like. And you can choose an image ad in various formats.

After that, you can set up what appears on the mobile device or desktop. After all, you can set the default settings regardless of the device. Once the ad is ready, you can set the position.

Users can set up schedules and expiry dates. This feature is great, especially when you’re looking for time-specific offers. You can do everything automatically as soon as the merchant knows about the promotion.

Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

How to Show ads on my website?

If you have a new WordPress site, you should place the ads on the banners manually.


  • Ad plugins are 100% responsive
  • There’s a free version – its more than sufficient for basic banner advertising
  • You can display your ads in different ways
  • There’s an option to show the ads on different devices
  • A user-friendly ad template
  • Huge backend manager


  • There’s a steep running curve for advanced plugins
Ads Pro Plugin: A Review 2022

Where Ads Pro Shine?

Ads pro plugins give you control over ad management. You get a lightning-fast response, click-by-click functionality, and a degree of flexibility. For the best results, you may want to purchase two ads pro plugins separately.

Is Ads Pro the right choice for you?

If you have been managing your ad campaign using the traditional methods, Ads Pro can be a huge time saver. Ads Pro offers impressive features, so it’s worth consideration.

 And because it can be integrated with Google AdSense or visual composer, you’ll have everything at your fingertips. For beginners, the free version is good enough to help you get started. But if you want to make a decent income, you may want to upgrade to the paid versions.

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