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A Complete Honest Buddyboss Review in 2022

A Complete Honest Buddyboss Review

Have you been contemplating creating an online community networking site using WordPress? Well, here is the real deal, Buddyboss. Buddyboss is a platform created through combining Buddypress and its various add ons. Grab a seat and let us explore Buddyboss in detail.

BuddyBoss Review

Ranked as the world’s best open-source platform, Buddyboss has recently raised the bar for the website’s elasticity, autonomy, and command needed to create a functional online platform. Furthermore, users who already used Buddyboss have issued positive feedback about the forum, explaining why the platform is widely preferred.

The brains behind this authentic platform are constantly adding new features to enhance its user-friendliness. Oh, did we also mention BuddyBoss contains original solution packages, including themes and plugins? These packages are essential since they perfectly integrate with all the user needs when creating a fun-filled online social network. Regardless of your website preference, BuddyBoss goes the extra mile to provide you with custom development features.

Website developers can use these tailored features to create an ultra-responsive social networking platform for the broad market. You can visit their website, BuddyBoss.com for detailed information on their latest plugins, social network website solutions, and themes.

What is BuddyBoss Theme?

BuddyBoss Theme is a plugin designed to transform your website into a state-of-the-art online social networking platform. Generally, most BuddyBoss products and tailored development services are meant to assist businesses worldwide to create online social platforms on both Buddypress and WordPress successfully. Today, BuddyBoss has helped over 15,000 web developers to build their sites while still offering exponential business growth using WordPress and Buddypress.

The Applications of BuddyBoss

1. Creating An Online Socializing Forum

BuddyBoss can aid you in fulfilling your quest in maintaining a well-organized and informed platform through feeding them up-to-date news, updating user profiles, creating social groups, and constant email invites. Furthermore, BuddyBoss provides users with quick steps to connect to their preferred groups without needing additional plugins.

2. Creating an E-Learning Space

Are you thinking of setting up an online course in the expansive knowledge-sharing market? BuddyBoss is renowned for offering authentic and simple to use platforms for food for thought forums. Besides, you can manage or host your professional courses successfully on the platform conveniently. Also, learners can actively engage in the platform while throwing in technical questions which can be solved by their elite counterparts. This offers a complete cycle in knowledge transfer while taking care of all student needs. Furthermore, the platform fosters the spirit of comradeship.

3. Content Sharing

BuddyBoss offers you the ideal platform to sell your content and receive quick feedback. Additionally, entrepreneurs can incorporate BuddyBoss on LearnDash and WooCommerce to trade their content through a one-off subscription plan. Did we also mention BuddyBoss provides your customers with an interactive platform to forward their reviews and concerns? Today, no one buys a product without reading its reviews. Over 95% of purchases are done after thorough due diligence. This is mostly acquired through silent-reading of previous and current customer reviews.

4. Assimilation to WordPress

You can use Buddypress to deliver a unified experience to your users while they interact with your site. Additionally, you can employ several plugins in your site to build selective events, job posts, and site-based interaction. Once all these plugins become compatible with your site, BuddyBoss completes the assimilation process and fastens the traffic mobility in your website.

How to Setup BuddyBoss

Even though BuddyBoss offers a wide range of features, the real deal comes during the setup process. You can visit the official BuddyBoss’ website for an exclusive video showcasing the entire setup process. The video contains a step-by-step guide on how to set up and navigate the platform.

Throughout the process, you may encounter one or two challenges. Do not worry! Below are simple steps to guide you in the set up process.

  • On your browser, download BuddyBoss files.
  • Log into your WordPress account and head to your Dashboard
  • On the left side of your panel, in the Plugin section, click on “Add New.”
  • Proceed to upload the BuddyBoss-platform zipped files
  • Once the upload is complete, proceed to activate the platform
  • Finish by setting up the Home Page

Enabling Various Components in Your Website Using BuddyBoss

Once the installation and activation processes are over, the next step is to install the required components. These components are essential to foster the proper functioning of your platform across the desired pages. Examples of these components include forums, community-based activities, and your client’s profiles.

Upon completion of the component setup process, the BuddyBoss icon will appear on the left section of your Control Panel. Under the BuddyBoss icon, click on “Components” to view a list of features and components that you can activate to enhance various functions in your website. You can select the desired component in which you want your traffic to engage. You can add components such as member connections, private messaging, and forum discussion.

Lastly, to add these components on your website’s homepage, tick the preferred checkbox and click “Apply”. All the selected components will go up live on your website. Your clients can now actively engage these components once they visit your website.

Understanding The Various Configuration Settings

Are you considering modifying your settings to enhance your website’s control mechanisms? You can perform this action by clicking on “BuddyBoss,” then “Setting.” Ensure you thoroughly go through each option before making an informed decision. You can start from the general settings and move through each category.

However, if you are building an online community platform, it would make more sense if you allowed non-members to register new accounts. You can also allow members to edit and delete their profiles while choosing the member that is permitted to access the toolbar.

Even though the login/registration page is visible to the public, you can choose to limit the number of entries to your site. The limitation only applies to the already logged in participants. This action can be performed by activating the “Privacy” icon on the settings tab.

Also, you can distinguish the private from the public URLs. For example, “Marketing Pages” can be publicized while “Private Messaging” pages can be privatized. You can perform this action by pasting the page’s URL in the “Public Content” box and tapping on the “Save Changes” button.

Understanding The Customization Process of The BuddyBoss Theme

96% of visitors prefer exploring eye-catching websites. But what gives that website its statement appearance? Well, a website can be said to be eye-appealing if the developers got their atheistic semantics right. All the features and components incorporated into the website need to be on point to engage and entice visitors.

Are you still thinking of how best to customize your website? BuddyBoss offers complete and extraordinary customization choices to enhance your website’s look. Some of these customization choices include.

  • Logo addition
  • Styling forums
  • Creative navigation menus
  • Color changes and styling options for your BuddyBoss Theme
  • Typographical Changes options
  • Additional distinctive sidebars

How To Set Up Component and Registration Pages

You should also incorporate WordPress Pages into the activated Components. You can do it through the following steps.

  • Click on the Buddypress icon
  • On the dropdown menu, click on “Pages”
  • A pop-up menu with “Component Pages” and “Registration Pages” comes on

Typically, the component pages are created by WordPress automatically upon activation of the components icon. Therefore, you will not need to alter anything in the set upstages. Nevertheless, if you want to activate a new page for social Groups, simply create the “New page” and activate it from the dropdown menu.

On the other hand, “Registration Pages” are created through activating a new page with the “Terms of Service”. You can link it to the subsequent registration segments. If you get lost at any point, you can watch the tutorial video on the official BuddyBoss’ website and complete the “Components” and “Registration pages” set up process.

How to Import Demo Data

One of the essential activities to do before customizing your BuddyBoss’ Theme is importing demo data. Besides, your newly created website will still be blank, and you are required to fill it up with samples of user-profiles for customization. The process of filling up the blank platform can be done by importing demo data.

You can import demo data through the following steps.

  • Click on the “BuddyBoss” icon
  • On the dropdown menu click on “Tools”
  • A pop up list will come containing “Default Data”
  • Use the list to import the necessary data, groups, forums and demo members
  • Finish the importation process by clicking “Import Selected Data”

You can reduce your hassle by importing all the required data at once. Once the importation process is complete, proceed to issue a couple of samples on user profiles, forums, and social groups to your users. These serve as the trial tests for your platform.

A Complete Honest Buddyboss Review- Conclusion

Creating an online community networking site does not have to be a daunting task. BuddyBoss saves you the hassle and time while providing you with state-of-the-art features, components, and customization options. Avid users can now create a fully functional online community space within a few clicks through the above review.


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