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7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2022

7 Of The Best Divi Menu Plug Ins for 2022

Divi WordPress theme is great for both beginner and advanced users, and this explains why it has a high total sale volume of over 700,000 so far. There certainly are thousands of themes out there you could use for WordPress users would better have Divi for many reasons. It lets you customize a website to add features seamlessly without touching code at all just as with the theme itself, plus there are hundreds of plugins to further that goal.

Furthermore, the divi menu plugins allow you to generate custom menus and submenus of all types and also use images, forms, accordions, and texts as menus. They allow you to create horizontal, vertical, floating, sticky, and other kinds of menus.

A good menu is irreplaceable for a great website user experience. If and when you find that your theme is not allowing you to fully customize the menus, it probably is time to cross over to Divi theme and its menu plugins. It is the reason we put together the top ten Divi menu plugins for your choosing.

1. Divi Menu Plugins

Divi Menus plugin lets you create layouts, grids, popups, and image or video buttons on the fly. It is also used as a social sharing tool and a filter to show and hide items. For purposes of the menu, you can create mega menus with this plugin and customize them without any coding.

As a menu creator, this plugin lets you customize everything for desktop and mobile platforms. You can create vertical, horizontal, dropdown, and circular menus. You can decide to either show the entire menu section below the header or display the menu as a slider from any side. You can also choose to show menus along with a lined background when using it to show steps, stages, and processes. 


  • Can be used in more ways than just a menu creator and customizer tool.
  • Fully responsive plugin allowing you to design and customize the content as per the device. This allows customizing of user experience per device.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Pricy – costs $49
7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2021

2. Divi Mega Menu

The Divi Mega Menu plugin elevates a website’s menu design by letting you use mega drop-down and vertical tabs. It also ups your website’s efficiency by avoiding use of javascript libraries that bloat your website. With this menu, you can place menu images, accordions, or forms to enhance user experience either on mobile or desktop. You can also place menus however you want – vertical, horizontal, and dropdown.

It lets you create an unlimited amount of mega menus and tabs easily and quickly using drag and drop and without coding, although it is possible to add further hooks and do additional configurations using a few code lines on the custom CSS field. You can further add widgets, columns, new elements and customize elements from the meta boxes.


  • Money-back guarantee for disgruntled users.
  • A year of support and updates.
  • Makes for lighter websites.
  • Horizontal and vertical drop-down menu modules are already created for users.
  • As it makes no use of code, the plugin can be used by beginner and advanced users alike.


  • Price as you pay $49.
7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2021

3. Divi Mad Menu

Known as the most advanced Divi menu module, the Divi Mad Menu plugin lets users create up to seven website header elements by leveraging Divi Builder and Mad Menu features. In other words, you can inject header items like search, cart, logo, desktop, and mobile menu separately, and any two buttons you like. All the elements appear in columns arranged in one simple horizontal row.

Furthermore, you can customize the column width and content alignments for each of the elements. Each of these elements can also be set to appear in a certain way on particular devices say left on mobile devices and right on desktops. With this plugin, you do not need to struggle to create multiple separate header layouts for different devices – web, phone, and PCs. Instead, a single layout is created for all. The colors, borders, shadows, spacing, sizing of the elements are also customizable, hence providing a user with total freedom on how to use their menus.


  • The plugin creates responsive menus that look cool on any device type.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 25% discount on the price.
  • One year of support and updates for the plugin.
  • Cheaper compared to some Divi menu plugins on this list – cost $29.25. 


  • Not free as some on this list.
7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2021

4. Divi Super Custom Menu

This is certainly one of the cost-effective menu builders you would want to have besides the built-in plugins in the Divi theme. The Divi Menu Builder, as it is called, lets you create a menu easily and from here, can add anything else to it. It lets you create the menu as you interact with it because it reveals how each of the menu items will appear as you go on with creating it. You can customize each of the menu buttons, as well as add URLs and images to the menu. It lets you create multiple menus and customize each however you like and activate any at a time. This means you can create multiple menus each for different use cases and activate any when needed.

The menu builder comes with 4 templates, two responsive for mobiles and two for desktops. This builder also lets you add videos and logins to your menu.


  • Costs just $20 and so is cheap.
  • Responsive on desktops and mobile.


  • Not free as some plugins in this list.
7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2021

5. Divi Restro Menu

The Divi Restro Menu is best used for websites in the hotel and restaurant businesses. It lets you quickly add a food menu layout from among the layouts available alongside filter support. You can select a layout that lets customers view thumbnails of offers alongside a description, for each of your menus. The other layout lets you add a description below each thumbnail. Second, the plugin allows you to add multiple menus – like pizza, juice, ice-cream menu, fruit and veg mart, sweet shop, etc. Then you can add in and adjust price, ingredients, descriptions easily without having to launch the page and builder where the layout was used.

You can add food menus in multiple columns, specify the price in any currency,


  • Unlimited site usage.
  • 30-day money back guarantees and a year of support and updates.
  • No coding and extra efforts are required to create menus with this plugin.


  • Not cheap — $39.
7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2021

6. Divi Extended Menu

You wouldn’t think of the amazing ability to customize menus without paid Divi menu plugins. However, the Divi Extended Menu plugin is one of the popular almost free menus for the Divi theme at just $5. It lets users build primary, secondary, and mobile menus and customize them easily and quickly in both functionality and appearance. It provides menu hover effects, the ability to customize mega menu widths, column dividers, collapsible child menu items on mobile, and the option to change colors.

The plugin lets you create side menus on which you can add widgets, and customize colors the way you like.


  • Cheap at $5 for a single site and $10 for an unlimited number of the website adding.


  • Menu not fully customizable. 
7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2021

7. Power Menu

Powr Menu is said to boost conversions on websites at a rate of 30%. That’s because they say it helps achieve the 2.5 seconds attention span needed to catch user attention. Although it features already customized menu items, you can create your menus for free. It lets web owners customize menus without needing coding – it uses the patented WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor to customize menus and push real-time updates.

The plugin lets you customize fonts, colors, borders, spacing, and many others. After creating a customized Menu Divi Builder app, you can then add menus to any page, sidebar, footer, or wherever you like on the website.


  • Mobile responsive
  • Free with upgrade options


  • Not so much freedom regarding customizing website menus.
7 of the Best Divi Menu Plugins for 2021


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