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5 Best WordPress Free Video Plugins 2022

5 Best WordPress Free Video Plugin 2022

If you have a website, increased user demand necessitates the need for a good video plugin, especially if you have a website that relies on video content to make the information on your website clearer. Here are the 5 best WordPress free video plugins 2021 that you could use to make your content more informative.

Statistics show that 91 percent of web users like visual content over written content. Video plugins allow users to consume and understand the information on your website effortlessly. It simplifies your content for people who prefer consuming visual content to written content. Using this technique could help you increase your website’s conversion rates, user experience, and other essential metrics.

Here are some advantages of increasing your visual content.

We understand that finding the right free video plugins can be tricky; however, you don’t need to worry. We’ve got your back. We’ve done our research and come up with 5 of the best WordPress free video plugins you could use on your website. They include:

The plugins that appear on this list weren’t chosen randomly. We used several measures like the plugin’s efficiency, ease of use, adaptability, number of functions, etc. These measures help us find some of the best free video plugins to help your website become more profitable, more efficient, and user-friendly. Let’s dive in and find out why you should use these plugins.

While this video plugin isn’t entirely free, you can get lots of services and customizations at a small fee. The plugin is fast, highly responsive, highly customizable, and practical enough to serve most, if not all, the user needs.

The plugin developed by Origin Code creates a receptive video platform on your website; plus, it’s compatible with Vimeo and YouTube. It also provides you with the option to create a gallery mixed feeds from YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo simultaneously.

Setting up your gallery is relatively easy and only takes a few minutes. You could use the provided shortcode if you want your gallery to appear on any specific posts or pages. There are multiple techniques you could use to upload your videos. What’s more?

The plugin is designed to make it easy and fun for users to create incredible video galleries. You get to choose between seven exciting layout views you could use to display your videos like the thumbnail view, sider view, etc. You can also choose between ten different skins and modify all the colors from the design center. You also get to monetize your videos through AdSense integrations.

Some downsides to this plugin include the fact that the plugin is geared towards more advanced WordPress users, and there have been some reported issues with the DZS video galleries. However, you could still try it out and check to see whether the plugin works for you.

5 Best WordPress Free Video Plugins

The WordPress video lightbox plugin is designed to help you embed videos on pages using lightbox’s overlay display. You could use the plugin to display images YouTube, flash, iframe, Vimeo, etc., through the lightbox overlay. The embedded videos can also be viewed using iPhones and iPad.

The plugin is highly responsive, making it easier for mobile users to enjoy the functionalities it offers. It also comes with many features that could be helpful when posting videos and images on your website. You get to customize the plugin’s theme, apply keyboard shortcuts, set the autoplay function, etc.

Embedding videos and images on your website are quite simple and could be easily handled using shortcodes. The plugin eases your work by fetching video thumbnails automatically; however, you also get to choose whether you’d instead use a customized thumbnail.

Another plus is that the plugin provides you with the option to disable the “suggested videos” list of videos at the end of the video to prevent your audience from becoming distracted. Plus, it’s open-source software, meaning there is room for more improvement and added functionalities through updates.

5 Best WordPress Free Video Plugins

If your main primary goal is to showcase YouTube videos on your website, then the YouTube plugin should be your number one go-to plugin. The YouTube plugin contains lots of exciting features that help you display videos on your website effortlessly and provide you with increased control over the videos.

The plugin is entirely customizable and inherits your website’s themes by default. The plugin is entirely responsive, optimized for mobile users, and works excellent with varying screen sizes. The plugin provides multiple layouts, i.e., gallery and grid. It has multiple feeds, is quite fast, and is designed to load your videos infinitely through the “Load more button.”

The plugin is designed for global use with international language translations. You could also enter your custom JavaScript or CSS and get access to even more customization. Using this plugin could help you improve your social engagement with your subscribers.

It could also help you get more subscribers by providing them with easily accessible videos on your site. Plus, you also get to display your content according to your website’s theme. Get regular updates, quick customer support, and save your time by using the YouTube plugin.

Some disadvantages include the fact that you only get to embed YouTube videos when using the YouTube plugin. You are likely to get stuck if you reach a point where you want to embed videos from other sources, and you’ll be forced to install more flexible plugins. Also, there aren’t that many styling options, and it has limited support documentations.

5 Best WordPress Free Video Plugins

This is one of the most influential and most popular WordPress video plugins that web developers can use for free. You could gain many things from using ARVE; however, the most important one is that ARVE does almost anything that you can think of and still manages to keep it all so simple.

The plugin is simple to use, light on your website, highly responsive, and widely customizable. ARVE goes the extra mile surpassing its designed function to provide more to users. It has numerous functional features that you could use to improve how users get your content.

The plugin is SEO friendly allowing you to specify descriptions, titles, upload dates, etc. This provides search engines with the necessary data that they can use for indexing. ARVE supports most video hosts that support iframe embedded codes.

The plugin allows you to disable the “related videos” option that comes at the end of each video, helping keep your users on your website rather than clicking away. It also has a limited auto-start for providers that support it, an automatic detect and custom aspect ratio, among other features.

5 Best WordPress Free Video Plugins

This plugin is an HTML5 video player that you can use on your website. FV Flowplayer has a fallback for legacy browsers that don’t support HTM. The plugin has over 30000 active users making it quite popular among web developers.

FV Flowplayer has lots of features, including the ability to position videos for different users. For instance, you could position a video on one part of the screen for regular subscribed users and position it somewhere else for guests. Plus, the plugin also supports a playlist. It is entirely responsive and can run on any device, making it the right video plugin for all modern websites.

You could use the player to play most video formats like the MP4, MPEG4, etc. The plugin is easy to use, efficient, free and has various features that make it stand out. For instance, it has built-in video stats, an easy AB looper ideal for teaching sites, automated video encoding checks, custom-built start and end screens, etc.

You could also modify various settings to make the player more efficient. Other essential features include native full-screen support, slow motion, google analytics, etc. You can also get the chance to create and develop your brand through the pro version. The pro version will provide you with more features that’ll help make the plugin more efficient.

Some users experienced problems when trying some fancy Pro templates, which is one of their significant problems. However, that aside, everything else seemed to work fine. You could check it out and have a look at some of its features and determine whether it’s good for you.

5 Best WordPress Free Video Plugins

These are five of the best WordPress free video plugins that you could use to embed videos on your website; however, if I were to choose the best plugin, I would go for YouTube plugin, YouTube embedded plus, or ARVE.

If you want to develop a dedicated video tube site, using a WordPress video theme could help make things easier. However, the real choice between which plugin to choose, whether free or paid, often depends on your needs and budget. Keeping this in mind, ensure that you compare the advantages and disadvantages, weigh your needs and budget, and choose a plugin that best serves you.

Have fun!


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