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5 Best WordPress Free PDF Plugins 2022

5 Best WordPress Free PDF Plugins 2022

If you receive a document via email, chances are it’s in PDF format. To ensure this format is available on your website, you must install a WordPress plugin. For beginners, selecting the best can be an overwhelming task. But don’t worry, this guide is for you. Here are the 5 best WordPress free pdf plugins 2021 has to offer.

The PDF Embedder is a responsive plugin that will automatically resize whenever your browser dimensions change. It uses a unique method to embed files and looks great on any device. Besides that, this plugin offers flexibility in the appearance of your document.

5 Best WordPress Free PDF Plugins 2022

Next and Previous buttons

They help you zoom in if the PDF file is too small. This feature gives you complete control over the appearance of your website. Other plugins will insert the files in iFrame, so you get the flexibility of oversizing.

The PDF Embedder offers the incredible benefit of improving the overall viewing experience. But what makes this plugin stack up above the competition is the fast loading of PDF files.

Clickable plugins

Once you install the plugin, you can click any media and use the drag and drop feature. When you insert the file on your post, you’ll get a shortcode. Again, you can use the toolbar to change the default appearance.

Mobile-friendly embedding

The mobile version will work on most browsers, not to mention you can position the document within the screen. And this is a problem you can solve with intelligent-full screen mode.

Once the document is of a certain width, it displays as a thumbnail. Still, you can click on the large screen option if you want to study the document.

PDF Thumbnails

This plugin generates a fixed image in your media library. You can use them as captured images that contain the embedded version of the PDF.


  • It’s mobile-friendly
  • Allows for continuous scroll between the pages
  • Has a full-screen mode
  • Tracks the number of downloads
  • The hyperlinks are fully functional
  • Comes with a custom width and height option


  • You must upgrade to the pro version to get more features

The PDFViewer uses HTML5 to display the PDF file on your browser. You can add PDF files on the website and set the height on the website. To ensure a smooth experience, the plugin utilizes JavaScript, so users don’t have to install additional software. There are also other tools like zooming, jumping, and bookmarking.


  • You can search for keywords within a specific spot of the document
  • The setting is simple – no shortcode is needed
  • The search for keywords is to the point


  • You may experience glitches on some browsers
5 Best WordPress Free PDF Plugins 2022

This plugin embeds PDF documents seamlessly. It allows you to display your document on your WordPress document with the help of a shortcode.

5 Best WordPress Free PDF Plugins 2022

Social media integration

The plugin gives an option to download PDF files and share them on your social media accounts. Still, you can display your pdf files in presentation mode.


You get several customization options thanks to the HTML container selection.


You can use add-ons without server libraries like GhostScript and Image-Magick. When you subscribe to the premium membership, you get additional features like simple PDF search, per-page printing, and SEO-friendly mode. This is what you need when you want to share large files.

You get a free version of this plugin.

WordPress PDF Viewer is one of the best plugins that ensure your documents are displayed in a cool manner. The smart embed function supports unlimited PDF files.

That’s not all – this plugin comes in several languages and connects seamlessly with Google Analytics.


  • Easy to use without too much mess
  • The height option gives a better display
  • Option of the beta version
  • The PDF viewer helps to zoom the files in and out


  • You must upgrade to a paid version to get premium features

This plugin allows the viewer to embed magazines, PDF files, brochures, and magazines. Because it supports most browsers, you can customize the look of your WordPress website. With Flowpaper, you can choose a light or dark theme.

5 Best WordPress Free PDF Plugins 2022

Customizing theme

You can customize the plugin and set the parameters that suit you most. However, there are a few parameters to follow when adjusting the width and height.

Setting publication title

You can modify the publication title by embedding the code.

Opening in a lightbox overlay

Users can display the cover over the publication, not to mention you can get the supplying `cover’ parameters.

Setting header

You can modify the header to the embedded code.


  • Gives the best user experience
  • You have three options to get the PDFs online
  • No need for a third-party editor
  • Visitors can send editable PDFs
  • You get a lifetime update


  • There’s a limitation of the 15 megapixels. And because the self-adjusted publications reach limited browsers, you get fewer styling options.
  • Requires the content to be publicly available to work

This WordPress plugin helps you print PDF pages easily. You can use it to custom user data for sharing or archiving.

5 Best WordPress Free PDF Plugins 2022

Adding Print and PDF versions

You can automatically add posts, pages, archives, custom posts, and search results.

Positioning buttons

Depending on your needs, you can place the buttons on the right, left, bottom right, bottom left, etc. Once you get to the setting page, you should select the `Add to’ option.

Ease of use

The plugin offers simple settings, so you don’t need to modify the code.

Ease of useTranslation

The developer is constantly adding features that allow the user to adjust the language or upgrade to the existing one.

Premium support

The competent team is passionate about solving any problems you may have.

30-days money-back guarantee

If you’re not happy with the product, all refund requests will be handled within 30 days.

The plugin allows you to add an image watermark or text. You can also create a custom document header and templates with text, images, Source page URL, current page number, and post author.


  • Simple installation manual
  • The support team will answer all questions you may have
  • You can set the PDF layout – landscape or portrait
  • Compatible with advanced custom fields
  • You can customize document styles
  • It’s compatible with the latest WordPress version


  • There are concerns the pro features can slow the website

While all the above plugins will help you use files in PDF format, the PDF Embedder gives the best bang for your buck. It boasts a feature-rich panel and has no limit to the number of files you can upload.


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